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Roasted with Passion and Created by Art

Our Coffee 

140 South Main Street

Marion, NC 28752

(828) 559.2370

Make a cup of cleverly crafted coffee part of your day!

Ingenious Coffee Roasters - Cleverly Crafted Coffee

Cleverly Crafted Coffee 

Union of Art & Science

There are several components to roasting a flavorful and consistent batch. Science, Art and Passion-the most important being Passion! Our passion is immeasurable but can be felt through our community and tasted in every cup! Passion led us to be more understanding and educated about our farmers and their process, our retail partners, and the consumer. Ingenious Coffee Roasters was born from an idea, and passion led us to where we are today. Every step we take is a new journey with opportunities to apply gratitude and respect to the process.

'Art' is the way the Master-Roaster amplifies his craft.  In each batch, 'art' is created by crafting a roasting profile that translates the farmer’s hard work into a cup of deliciously profound coffee. Delicately roasting by Sight, Smell, and Sound. 

All coffee berries are different and should produce different roasting profiles. Understanding the Varietal, Region, Elevation, Soil, and Farming Practices helps Ingenious Coffee Roasters craft a coffee that represents the journey of seed to cup.

Ingenious Coffee Roasters is inspired by the union of Art and Science of Coffee to consistently craft a coffee that is pleasurable, enjoyable, and simply great. We believe that learning happens every day and to educate ourselves is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our community. From the molecular changes that happen during the roast, to the geography and journey of coffee past & present, we strive to bring the joy of coffee to your life in new and profound ways. As the coffee industry grows and becomes more aware of these important factors, so does Ingenious Coffee Roasters.

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