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                   Ingenious Coffee Roasters is a community-based Coffee Shop located in Downtown Marion, North Carolina with in house fresh roasted coffee, full speciality coffee bar as well as   wholesale distrubution.

            We take pride in providing high quality, fresh roasted coffee to our

community and surrounding areas.  We have a passion for the coffee industry, love what we do and feel this shows in our end product, as well, as our customer service.  So come by for a bag of beans or coffee beverage prepared by professionals and watch our coffee production  team Live in action.


Eli Ornberg
Owner / Coffee Genius

Ingenious Coffee Roasters - Cleverly Crafted Coffee

       Hi, I am Eli Ornberg, Owner/Operator. As a bartender looking for a change I became fascinated with a local barista and the familiarity of making drinks. This began the idea for opening my first coffee shop with my parents The Crooked Door Coffee House.

       After 3 years’ experience as a barista and running a coffee shop I developed a passion and desire to learn more about coffee. I began reading every trade magazine I could get my hands on and moved on to work for a coffee roaster. It was there I began to learn the Art of

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ~ Albert Einstein

Roasting as well as the experience in purchasing quality green coffee beans. My passion began to expand every day. As I learned more I began to realize the Science of Coffee seemed lacking, so I began to study and record data with every roast possible.

Then came the realization of the perfect combination for High Quality Coffee.

The Art of Coffee, The Passion of Coffee, as well as the Science of Coffee.

               In 2014 Ingenious Coffee Roasters  Wholesale was born with this combination.

In 2020 Our Full Retail Shop was launched I look forward to providing you with the best possible customer service, 20 years of Coffee knowledge and experience, and

Cleverly Crafted Coffee.

Natasha Johnson
Production Speedster/ Does it all

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas Edison


Natasha is 'Queen Bee' of Ingenious Coffee. She can be found tending to each step of our process. From preparing a large wholesale order to serving a delicate pour-over, Natasha is loved and appreciated; She has been with Ingenious since 2017.

        If her coffee prowess isn’t enough to impress, her Ukrainian humor, creativity, and love of animals will. She volunteers at the local animal shelter with her two daughters and crafts much of our coffee themed décor! 

Natasha Art.jpg

Mike Ornberg
The Godfather of Coffee


    Mike Ornberg originally brought specialty coffee to Marion , N.C. in 2001 with the opening of the Crooked Door Coffee shop.  Partnering with his wife Ellen Ornberg and Son Eli Ornberg The old Eagle Hotel was purchased and upstairs the Crooked Door opened with Mike and Ellens Custom Framing and Art Gallery placed as well.  Each Hotel Room Showcased Framed art and was a super plus to the Crooked Door with Customers being able to purchase coffee as well as browse through the building looking at the Art.

         After selling the Crooked Door and Retiring from the art business Mike Continued with coffee with the help consulting son Eli Ornberg with the opening of Ingenious Coffee Roasters in 2014.

       The beginning wholesale business had its stuggles and Mike was a big impact and help getting us going.

           With the opening of Ingenious Retail in 2020  Mike Continued with helping consulting as well as part time barista.   He is very addiment about perfect drinks as well as very good with talking to customers about coffee or just about anything.   On free time Mike enjoys Iracing as well as Sailing his boat with Wife Ellen based in Punta Gorda Florida


 Mike Enjoying entertaining children with his favorite puppet !

Asher Burgess
Switch Hitter/ Does it All

IMG_20220917_093515636 (1).jpg

     Asher comes to Ingenious from customer to employee.   His wiliness to do different jobs is an asset more valuable than gold.   Asher helps with production on some days and then switches his hat to barista on others.  Young and willing he is a great team player and has more to come from Ingenious.  On his time off he enjoys his family as well as hiking and recently enjoyed a trip out west to see the Grand Canyon as well as other sites.   His favorite term is "Ok Boss  whats next ?"    Could you ask for more......

Sam Cadwell
Barista Extrodinaire

20220201_093124 (1).jpg

          Sam our main Barista not only makes great drinks but with her bubbly personality will charm and welcome you with conversation.   Although she loves coffee she can be seen many days with a can of Dr. Pepper.  Currently she is working on her own motorcycle and hopes to get it on the road soon.  A Jane of all Trades she also enjoys here current evening classes for welding.   When asked to perform any task it never fails her response is "Absolutely !"    A young but strong asset to the Ingenious Team.

Jody Johnson
Roaster Jokester


Jody !    Enough Said !

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