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140 South Main Street

Marion, NC 28752

(828) 559.2370

At Ingenious Coffee Roasters, we believe the best way to reach an audience is through the community.   Whether it be through schools, churches, veterinarians, and many other sources, they all have a goal - to create an idea and make it become a reality.

Ingenious Coffee Roasters - Cleverly Crafted Coffee

Cleverly Crafted Coffee 

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.  -  Albert Einstein

Fundraisers are the best way to make an idea come true, and no better way than with coffee. Unlike most fundraisers (cookie dough, popcorn, candy, etc),  coffee is a staple in most homes.   That is why we believe Fundraisers work best when there is a product that can be used daily.  


Each bag that is purchased through fundraisers, an average of 40-45% profit is gained based on a $12 to $14 bag of coffee (12 oz bags).   That is far better than most fundraisers.  As an effort to help better communities through our program,  Ingenious Coffee Roaster believes your hard work and dedication should be rewarded as much as the program your supporting.  For all coffee, excluding bags, accessories, etc, Ingenious will donate 10% to the program you are funding.  We enjoy being a part of something that is bigger and better and that is YOUR community.  Give us a call or email today!!!

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always

to try just one more time."  - Thomas Edison

First Baptist Church of Marion would like to thank you for your support in the Set Free Center mission trip.  Each bag of coffee supports the 2015 College Mission Trip to Prescott, Arizona.  May 17th - 25th, several college students will be working with Set Free Center, a  new ministry serving the hurting and homeless in the Prescott community.
Missions has been a focus for the First Baptist Church of Marion.  Local, regional, and international missions are supported by our church family through prayer, financial giving, and time.  We are pleased to serve our communities abroad by sending adults, college, and youths to variety of locations.  

Proceeds from this PTO fundraiser will support the year-end educational trip for Isaac Dickson Fifth graders.Fifth graders students are working to fund a trip to Washington DC to learn about our nation’s capital. Students will take part in educational programs at the Capital Building, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian Museums, Monuments and the Frederick Douglas home. The program combines lessons in our nation’s history and the work of our federal government.

The purchase of this Ugandan, Artisan-Roasted Coffee benefits Boanerges Deaf Initiative near Kampala, Uganda. In Uganda, as in many developing nations, children who are deaf are often cast out of their families, abused, and go without any formal education or language. At BDI, you are helping provide Ugandan Sign Language, Education, Love, Respect, and Medical Care. Families are often reunited and views of deafness are changed. Lives are changed. The children themselves learn that they are God’s creation - valued and loved.For more information and photos of the children who are benefiting, visit

There are several components to roasting a flavorful and consistence batch Science, Art and Passion-the most important is Passion.  Our passion is measured by each cup that is sold through our Retail Partners.  Passion led us to be more understanding of the farmers, our retail partners, and the consumer.   Ingenious Coffee Roasters was born from an idea, and passion lead us to where we are today.  Every step we take is a new journey, and each journey, is new idea.  

Art is a the way the Master-roaster amplifies his craft.  In each batch,  art is created by crafting a profile that represents the farmers by delicately roasting by Sight, Smell, and Sound.  All coffee berries are different and should produce different profiles.   Understanding the Varietal, Region, Elevation, Soil, and Farming Practices helps Ingenious Coffee Roasters craft a coffee that represents the practice of seed to cup.   

Ingenious Coffee Roasters uses the Science of Coffee to consistently craft a coffee that is pleasurable, enjoyable, and simply great.  We believe in understanding how our Art is implemented by continuing to learn and educate ourselves to understanding the molecular changes that happens during the roast. The process of roasting can go through thousands of changes depending on time, temperature, and environmental factors. Those changes can make a big difference in your cup. As the coffee industry grows and becomes more aware of theses changes, so does Ingenious Coffee Roasters.    

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