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Ingenious Coffee Roasters - Cleverly Crafted Coffee

Cleverly Crafted Coffee 



140 South Main Street

Marion, NC 28752

(828) 559.2370

All our direct trades are relationships that have developed over the past years that we have been in the industry.  From the Sriwijaya Coffees in Sumatra and West Java to Coto Farms in Honduras,  we continue to build those relationships to better help their community and farming practices.  Our goal is to help the owners, the farmers, and the family to live a sustainable life, so they can appreciate the value of their crop.  Just like we enjoy the opportunity to serve our retail partners and feel honored to have them as part of our team,  we want our Direct Trade partners to have the same feelings toward us, so they can appreciate every aspect of their hard labor

Ingenious Coffee Roasters - Cleverly Crafted Coffee
Ingenious Coffee Roasters - Cleverly Crafted Coffee
Ingenious Coffee Roasters - Cleverly Crafted Coffee

Due to the popularity of this Sumatra Mandheling trademark name, many coffee collectors and exporters in Northern Sumatra mix Sumatra coffee from different regions in Sumatra and sometimes even outside of Sumatra and label the blended coffee as Sumatra Mandheling. This practice of blending makes it hard to find Sumatra Mandheling coffee with consistent taste profile.

A couple years ago, realizing this challenge of finding consistent good quality from Sumatra, as well as from Java, Sulawesi and other islands, we established our company in the United States with the initial goal of providing great and true Sumatra to roasters in the US. We picked our company name as Sriwijaya Coffee. Sriwijaya (or Srivijaya) comes from a powerful Buddhist ancient kingdom in Sumatra in the 13th century. In Sanskrit language, the word Sri means "shining", and Wijaya means "excellence". Excellence in green coffee quality that we supply to our client is what we strive to achieve and maintain.

Majority of our coffee offerings come from the Northern Sumatra region, where we have family ties with several coffee growers around the Lake Toba villages. We ensure that our coffees are processed properly and consistently from harvesting until they are shipped to our warehouses. We are confident that we provide value added services to our customers by providing this control on the quality of our coffees that we supply. We DO NOT blend our Sumatra coffee with different district ones and not to mention with non-Sumatra. Our coffees are the true Single Origin uniquely presented from certain villages in the Sumatra Island.

We also offer coffee from Java, Celebes, and Timor. We have operations at those islands keep on looking for uniquely great coffees. During our journeys we have built strong relationships with local farmers at different coffee growing regions. We have been giving back part of our profits to these local communities to improve their living standards.


West Java Siliwangi

Direct Trade

Moderate Body, Mild Acidity

Sweet, Molasses, Fruit.  Clean Finish with a Hint of Berry

Sumatra OrangUtan

Direct Trade

Supporting the Natural habitat of the OrangUtans

Full Body, Mild Acidity

Woody, Toasty, Caramel, Semi Long Finish, HInts of Spice

Coto Family Farms

COTO FAMILY FARMS IS SO EXCITED to INVITE YOU to taste our coffee, that is grown on our family farm, in the Merendon Montains, Honduras. Coto Family Farms' Honduran Coffee is not just fair trade, or even direct trade, but no trade. It is family grown and family sold, and LOCALLY roasted for you to receive freshly roasted each week. We have four varieties for you to choose from, named for the coffee growers, varying from light to very dark. 


Ingenious Coffee Roasters - Cleverly Crafted Coffee
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